Basic Utility Vehicle

The Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) is a simple, low-cost vehicle designed to meet the basic transportation needs of villages around the world.   Bringing a BUV to Kager was the first project the Jubilee Village Project undertook in later 2008.  More than one year later, this BUV was shipped across the Atlantic and was trucked to Kager village.  Its arrival on June 9, 2009 marked a significant milestone for JVP and Kager village.

The BUV's First Test Drive

The BUV's First Test Drive

Here is what David Kayando, JVP Lead Champion, has to say about the arrival of the BUV:

“It is my joy to share with you what to me is the beginning of what I now see happening in Kager. As the Bible says, we should not truly despise humble beginnings. The arrival of the Basic Utility Vehicle in Kager, is a dream realised after sometime. I pray the work of BUV will be inspiring, motivating and lifting, for the people of Kager.

We did officially launch the BUV on Sunday the 21st of June, after my Brother John had shared with us in the service. We had a good number of people come to witness this great move of the what God can do.

We then had Joseph, the Transportation Champion, ride it around. I am pleased to share that Joseph has now used it in taking some foods to neighbouring homes and institutons.  During the Aqua Clara water training, the BUV so mch helped in bringing water, and this morning Joseph used it to take a group of women who were taking mango fruits to Homa Bay town. He rode them up to some point where they would take just a few minutes and walk into town. These are just the beginnings of what we have seen the BUV does. Everyone is excited about this machine, and through the BUV the Jubilee Village Project has been properly publicised.”

John Cory Training in the Use of the BUV

John Cory Training in the Use of the BUV

The BUV is specifically designed to meet the rugged conditions of rural Kenya and has the following features:

-  Easy to operate and maintain; built from automotive grade parts
-  Safe to drive (top speed of 20 mph) with 1,200 lb. payload
-  Powered by 10-12 horsepower gas or diesel engines
-  Rear wheel drive with ability to handle ruts, hills, water and mud
-  Affordable: base cost is US $4,000

BUVs are manufactured and distributed by the Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT) in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) and being used today in over 15 countries.  To learn more about BUVs, visit the IAT website at

The BUV will serve as a community vehicle in Kager village and will be made available to carry out community-based projects.  The BUV will also be used to start a micro-enterprise providing transportation of goods and people to nearby towns for small fees.  There is a trained operator (Joseph N’yangi) of the BUV and he will be paid a driver’s fee for providing these services.  Joseph is also responsible for servicing the BUV to ensure it is well maintained and operated properly.  The small income generated from this microenterprise will be used to help fund the operating expenses of the Kager Medical Dispensary.