In rural areas, quality of life depends upon access to affordable Transportation.  Without a reliable means to transport goods to market, water to fields, children to schools and patients to hospitals, many villages are left isolated and at an economic disadvantage.  When a village gains access to affordable transportation, they gain access to the world and to increased opportunity and productivity.

The village of Kager is 24 kilometers from the nearest hospital and 10 kilometers from the nearest market town.  The main modes of transporation are by foot or by bicycle.  The first solution initiative of the Jubilee Village Project responded to Kager village’s need for basic motorized transportation.  As a result of the generosity of 53 individuals and families, 1 foundation and 1 business, over $9,700 was raised to send a Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) to the village of Kager.  As a result of this abundant giving, seed monies were provided for the second solution initiative which involves bringing electricity to the village.

lib-kids2schoolam-zBasic Utility Vehicles (BUVs) are simple, low-cost vehicles designed to meet the transportation needs of villages around the world.  BUVs are specifically designed to meet the rugged conditions of the developing world and have the following features:

–  Easy to operate and maintain; built from automotive grade parts
–  Safe to drive (top speed of 20 mph) with 1,200 lb. payload
–  Powered by 10-12 horsepower gas or diesel engines
–  Rear wheel drive with ability to handle ruts, hills, water and mud
–  Affordable: base cost is US $4,000

BUVs are manufactured and distributed by the Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT) in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) and being used today in over 15 countries.  To learn more about BUVs, visit the IAT website at

Organizations providing other transportation solutions in Africa are listed below:

vtractorThe V-Tractor (village tractor) is a concept piece of equipment to aid in agriculture for villages and plot style farming for developing countries.  Developed by L.T. Rich Products of Lebanon, Indiana with the help of Dick Stevens of the Malawi Project, the V-Tractor utilizes simplicity and reliability.

The V-Tractor is powered by a Hatz diesel, the tractor utilizes a unique three wheel drive hydrostatic transmission utilizing two independent pumps and three wheel motors.  The tractor also has an 11 gpm auxiliary hydraulic pump to power attachments. The current tractor can power a 30 gpm water pump, 10 kw generator set, and cement mixer.

The VTractor has been shipped to Malawi, to help the farming communities there.

matsMATS International’s mission is to provide affordable and reliable
transportation to ministries and their staff around the world.  MATS understands the challenges of limited resources in ministry and wants to help others be a better steward of those resources.

MATS can typically save $1,000-$3,000 from the retail price on vehicles.  Most international transactions yield even greater savings.  MATS has immediate access to a limited inventory of vehicles or they can obtain a vehicle within a few days if they do not have a vehicle.  To learn more about MATS International, visit their website at